Blueberry Lemon Cake

This recipe comes straight from Natasha’s Kitchen.  I like this recipe because of 1/ its simplicity – no complicated eggwhite whipping/ folding, 2/ cheap-ish ingredients, especially when the berries are on sale, this will be under $10, and 3/ not too sweet/ creamy. The only change I made was increasing the baking powder to 2.5 tsp (instead of 2). Some notes:

  • This recipe is really, really not sweet at all. I did reduce the sugar to 0.75 cup (instead of 1 cup), and it was good for me, but I barely have any sweet tooth, so I think next time I make it for others, I’ll stick with the original amount.
  • I made this cake using both frozen and fresh blueberries, and I really liked the fresh one much better. It’s hard to control the “wetness” of the frozen berries, so the cake was a bit too dense for my taste. Granted, that time I didn’t increase the baking powder amount, but I think I’d stick with fresh berries from now on.
  • I might try to add some slivers of toasted almonds on top next time.

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