“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world”

Posted on 10 May, 2016 in Family, Happy Moments

Last weekend I was out of town to attend a wedding in Ohio – it was a last minute decision since I got my ticket the weekend before, and was lucky to not have to worry about accommodations. I got some sneak peek at the venue, the gorgeous decorations, the beautiful flower arrangements, and even got to help laying out the seating chart cookies! (The idea is pretty neat – each guest has a cookie with their name and table number printed on top. The whole thing is edible so they can nibble on this while waiting for the food lol.) This is the third American wedding I’ve been to, and definitely the one that makes me most emotional, probably because I know the bride & groom a bit more. It was kind of funny how I really couldn’t sleep in on the wedding day, and I woke up before 9am – it felt like Christmas Day! I can honestly say that I think the wedding was perfect in pretty much every way, and it was something that probably many women dream of. Sarah & John, I’m so happy for you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together <3

Seeing all the love and care the parents put into preparing for the wedding makes me miss my parents a ton. I think this is partially why I got so ridiculously emotional. It reminds me of my sister’s wedding in 2012 when several family members flew over from Australia, Canada, and Vietnam. My sister probably was under a lot of stress and expectation – she was the first among the cousins to get married after all – but she passed the stress test with flying colors. I don’t remember seeing my dad tearing up, but his look at my sister on her wedding day was so precious: full of love, care, and enormous pride. At the last minute, after lots of begging (and even some whining) from my sister and aunt, he agreed to sing a song during the reception. So, two nights before the wedding, he seriously practiced singing for hours along a Youtube video – so serious that my little cousin thought he was super into karaoke. Talking about parents, my parents are planning to come visit us in June/ July & I’m super excited! I hope they can manage to come visit me at my place, but even if they can’t, I’ll fly to CA to see the whole crew no matter what. There will be some awkward explanations to do, but I’ll figure out a way to deal with that. I haven’t seen Dad in 3 years and Mom in over a year! This time I have to remember to bring all the pieces of clothing that need alterations so my Mom can help me fix them. June can’t come quick enough!

Last note: My goal to run more than 67 miles in May might not come true – I stupidly injured my left foot last weekend over a tiny rock on the road. It’s on the way to recovery now but sometimes I still have to tiptoe a little bit. I intend to give it one more day of rest before trying to go on a gentle run. Dear foot, please recover soon since the weather is beautiful these days! I promise to be more careful while running :(.