101 Things in 1001 Days

Posted on 04 March, 2018 in Happy Moments

I’ve decided to keep a list of 101 things I’d like to do in the 1001 days after seeing the list from my yoga instructor’s blog. To me, this is a mix between a to-do list and a New Year’s Resolution – more time and less pressure. I mainly include smaller and more attainable goals, with a few medium challenges in there.

Start date: 03/14/2018 (because Pi Day), end date: 12/09/2020.

Health & Fitness

  1. Do a crow pose.
  2. Do a forearm stand (with or without wall).
  3. Do a flying pigeon pose.
  4. Run a 5K under 26.5 minutes.
  5. Run one Half marathon every year.
  6. Run a sub-2 half marathon.
  7. Run a race in costume.
  8. Practice split pose 2 mins every day for two weeks
  9. Try HIIT classes.
  10. Try indoor rock climbing (again).
  11. Do one chin up/ pull up / parallel grip chin up without assist.
  12. Take an aerial yoga class.
  13. Plank for 5 consecutive minutes.
  14. Do 35 consecutive pushups.
  15. Barbell squat my body weight.
  16. Run in Central Park.

Food & cooking

  1. Go to a vegan restaurant.
  2. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.
  3. Make mille crepe.
  4. Make croissants.
  5. Try 10 new recipes & blog about them.
  6. Brew my own beer.
  7. Check out 3 restaurants in the RTP area that are not in Durham.
  8. BBQ-off among Blue Note, Backyard BBQ, and maybe Mavericks.
  9. Grow some indoor plant/ herb and try not to kill it.
  10. Make a chocolate cake.
  11. Organize/ host a potluck party.

Travel, Explore & Experience

  1. Visit 3 new US cities. ### (Seattle – March 2018)
  2. Check out the Lemur Center.
  3. Go to a drive in movie.
  4. Take a spontaneous weekend trip.
  5. Visit/ Explore a cave.
  6. Hike Grandfather Mountain.
  7. Go to a farmer’s market in a city other than Durham.
  8. Visit a new country.
  9. Tour a brewery.
  10. Visit 3 new museums.
  11. Go strawberry picking.
  12. Go camping.
  13. Visit the Outer Banks.
  14. Have a hammock date.
  15. Try kayaking.
  16. Try a pottery class.
  17. Go to a shooting range.
  18. Watch a sunrise.
  19. Visit an animal farm.

Family, Friends & Others

  1. Send 10 “just because” cards/ letters.
  2. Buy a meal for someone in need.
  3. Host some exchange – clothes, kitchen tools, books etc.
  4. Do a couple cooking class.
  5. Get digital photos of my grandparents.
  6. Send a care package.
  7. Make breakfast in bed for someone.
  8. Take my parents out on a date.
  9. Make something for my nephews.
  10. Make a nice dinner for parents.

Self & other random things

  1. Come up with 101 things.
    This is harder than I thought.
  2. Graduate.
  3. Learn how to change a car tire.
  4. Learn how to drive a stick shift.
  5. Attempt to ride a bicycle.
    Tried it when I was little and hated the feeling of imbalance. I’d like to give it another try.
  6. No plastic bags from stores for a month.
  7. Reread the Harry Potter series.
  8. Get my ears pierced.
    And don’t let them close like last time….
  9. Donate blood.
  10. Learn how to back a car into a parking spot.
  11. Watch 3 Academy Award winners that I’ve never seen.
  12. Buy a set of ao-dai and wear it out.
  13. See a Broadway musical.
  14. Attempt to learn Spanish from Duolingo again.
  15. Teach Chloe to jump through my arm hoop.
  16. Ask 5 friends for their favorite books and read them all.
  17. Pay off my student loan.
  18. Have a picnic at Duke Garden.
  19. Attend a concert.
  20. Carve a pumpkin.
  21. Paint something on canvas that I actually like and can keep.
  22. Donate my hair.
  23. Have my car washed every 3-4 months.
  24. Open a savings account.
  25. Read 10 books. ###(Playing with Fire – Tess Gerritsen)