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Posted on 20 February, 2009

I’m from Saigon, Vietnam.

I’m currently attending graduate school studying something pretty cool. I think I know what I want to do, at the same time I am unsure of what I know and what I want.

I am random, bubbly, anti-Mac, and super nonathletic.

Definitely a foodie, but more of a cheap one: I simply appreciate good  food from all cuisines (especially street food in Vietnam), enjoy cooking & being innovative with whatever that are left in my pantry & fridge. Cooking is my way of de-stressing. Other than food, I like exploring places with local guides (aka no touristy places), warm colors, fun logical puzzles, farmers’ markets, vodka tonics & vodka-based drinks gin & tonic, scotch,  and the smell of fresh laundry.

I hate bugs, cockroaches, dogs, stress, making decisions, waiting. OCD-ed about certain things.

I want to learn how to ride a bicycle/ scooter, roller skate (so I can race against my 12-year-old cousin) (or just to look cool), skip a stone, swing, and more to come.

I blog to keep a journal of the ups and downs of my life, to share my thoughts, release stress, and procrastinate.  That said, thank you for dropping by. You come and read, I’ll stay and write :-).


It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed over the years. I’m proud to say that I’m no longer super unathletic. I ran ~300 miles in 2014, 450 miles in 2015, and started going to the weight room more often.

I no longer really want to learn how to ride a bicycle or scooter… I guess I’d learn if there’s no feeling of imbalance involved, but I don’t think I can avoid it on a bicycle. At least I can drive now! Four wheels trump two, right?

8 Responses to “About me”

  1. hasan01 says:

    “going to the mountain at night time to look at the stars and then at the city light” tớ cũng mê cái này lắm lắm ý 😡 với cả tớ cũng có dog phobia (thường mọi người chả mấy ai hiểu được nỗi sợ này cả) mặc dù chưa bị cắn lần nào

  2. Blog của 5xu says:


  3. Giang Lam says:

    Hello chi Nghi!!!! I think I like you and your lightly humorous writing way…

  4. roguexgirl says:

    Thank you ^^. Humor and blabbering are among the things that keep me sane and functional….

  5. YUHHNAEL says:

    Phòng đẹp áo đẹp
    2 màu ăn nhau he ^__^

  6. Keeping your mind free of thought, and you will be released 😀

  7. Belle Vy says:

    lovely Nghi <3

  8. Gullit says:

    lovely Nghi <3<3<3

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