Running log

Posted on 08 January, 2016

Distance (mi)
1/7/2016Treadmill10:08:45Duke Wilson. Treadmill broke down after 1st mile, all other treadmills were occupied.
1/9/2016Treadmill3.250:28:35Duke Wilson after Dane Chicken & Waffles.
1/10/2016Street2.650:25:50Short East Campus loop.
1/12/2016Treadmill5.10:45:35Duke Wilson.
1/13/2016Street4.450:45:07Regular East Campus loop.
1/15/2016Treadmill1.50:14:35Duke Wilson
1/18/2016Street3.050:30:35The biker's neighborhood loop. It was supposed to be 3.35 miles, but I walked part of it. My very first true winter run, since it was below freezing (20-25F and windy).
1/20/2016Treadmill3.70:33:35Duke Wilson.
1/21/2016Treadmill3.50:31:20Duke Wilson after Muscle Pump class.
1/24/2016Treadmill3.60:32:15Belmont gym. Wilson was closed because of Storm Jonas.
1/25/2016Treadmill10:09:20Duke Wilson after Muscle Pump class.
1/26/2016Treadmill3.80:35:17Duke Wilson.
1/28/2016Treadmill2.550:26:00Duke Wilson.
1/29/2016Treadmill40:36:35Duke Wilson.
1/31/2016Treadmill3.250:28:30Duke Wilson
2/1/2016Treadmill0.50:04:30Duke Wilson after MP.
2/3/2016Treadmill4.60:40:27Duke Brodie.
2/8/2016Treadmill3.250:29:05Duke Wilson after MP. Could have run more had I brought my new running shoes.
2/11/2016Treadmill0.50:04:45Duke Wilson.
2/12/2016Treadmill6.20:56:00Duke Wilson. This is my longest run to date. I only stopped twice today, each time between 30 and 45 seconds. The first 2 miles were run at 7.5mph, 7.2 mph and a few minutes at 6.8mph. I think I'll separate my weight lifting/ MP days and running days from now on. The runs after MP class were mostly horrible.
2/14/2016Treadmill5.90:51:10Duke Wilson. This is a combination of two runs, 2.0 and 3.9 miles, with 2-3 mins break in between. I accidentally pulled the emergency cord so I had to reprogram the settings.
2/16/2016Treadmill6.10:53:45Duke Wilson. Not including two stops, roughly 30-45 seconds each.
2/18/2016Treadmill2.40:20:45Duke Wilson. Short run after MP.
2/20/2016Treadmill6.10:52:00Duke Wilson. I stopped three times, 1- 1.5 minutes each. Legs feel sore, probably half because the squats I did earlier, half because I'm a bit under the weather, but I'm glad I pushed through.
2/21/2016Treadmill3.30:29:00Medium run at Duke Wilson. I probably could have run further, but I didnt want the legs to be super sore before tomorrow's MP class.
2/23/2016Treadmill5.050:44:00Duke Wilson.
2/26/2016Treadmill6.851:00:05Duke Wilson. I took 3 breaks in between. This is the longest run I've had so far.
2/28/2016Treadmill2.30:20:20Duke Wilson. Short run but somehow I was super tired after just 1 mile. I decided to stop early and conserve energy to run again tomorrow. Just 0.55 mile until I hit 100!
2/29/2016Treadmill3.50:30:20Duke Wilson. I had some short intervals at higher speed (7.7 - 7.9mph).
3/4/2016Treadmill4.550:38:15Belmont gym late run.
3/6/2016Treadmill3.70:31:15Duke Wilson.
3/7/2016Treadmill2.350:21:20Duke Wilson
3/8/2016Treadmill30:26:00Duke Wilson.
3/9/2016Treadmill6.91:00:15Duke Wilson.
3/12/2016Treadmill3.750:31:45Duke Wilson. I stopped twice. 3-4 intervals of 1-2 mins at 8mph.
3/13/2016Treadmill2.40:20:45Duke Wilson.
3/16/2016Street3.050:28:01Biker's neighborhood loop.
3/21/2016Treadmill3.70:31:50Duke Wilson. More stops than usual.
3/22/2016Treadmill7.451:05:00Duke Wilson. One 3.5 minute stretch at 8mph.
3/24/2016Treadmill1.20:10:00Duke Wilson. Tiny run after MP.
3/26/2016Street2.60:32:00Short East Campus loop. Slow running/ jogging with Mai.
3/27/2016Treadmill6.550:56:20Duke Wilson. I probably stopped 4-5 times total, but also had ~ 5 intervals at 8mph, with one 5-minute long one.
3/30/2016Street5.010:48:10Regular East Campus loop.
3/31/2016Treadmill1.50:13:20Duke Wilson
4/1/2016Treadmill3.20:28:00Duke Wilson.
4/3/2016Treadmill4.50:39:15Duke Wilson. Legs felt tired, but I managed to do 2 short intervals at 8mph, 2.5 minutes each.
4/5/2016Treadmill3.950:34:15Duke Wilson.
4/6/2016Street5.080:48:46Regular East Campus loop. Only one 30-sec stop at the lights.
4/9/2016Treadmill50:42:15Duke Wilson. Stopped a couple times.
4/11/2016Treadmill1.550:13:15Duke Wilson.
4/13/2016Treadmill5.50:48:15Duke Wilson.
4/16/2016Street50:48:43Regular East Campus loop. No stop.
4/17/2016Treadmill4.30:36:00Duke Wilson.
4/19/2016Street2.530:29:30Slow jogging with Mai around UNC campus.
4/20/2016Street5.010:48:13Regular East Campus loop. One ~30 sec stop.
4/22/2016Treadmill2.60:22:15Duke Wilson.
4/24/2016Street4.810:46:16Regular East Campus loop, one ~15 second stop at the traffic lights.
4/26/2016Street5.030:48:22Regular East Campus loop. Quite hot and humid. I took two 30 sec stops.
4/28/2016Treadmill1.50:13:00Short run at Duke Wilson after MP.
4/29/2016Street4.20:42:55East Campus loop, half trail. I tried an earlier run time (3:30pm) and even though it wasn't super hot, it was still pretty horrible.
5/1/2016Street4.750:46:19East Campus loop, two 45 sec stops.
5/3/2016Street2.840:31:00Slow jogging with Victor, East Campus loop.
5/4/2016Treadmill3.20:27:00Duke Wilson, no stop.
5/6/2016Street3.50:34:05Quick run down Scheid Road and back in Ohio. I tripped over a tiny rock on the way back and even though it didn't seem like anything at the time, I had to limp for two days. Good thing wearing heels helped, I would have hated having to wear casual flats to a wedding!
5/10/2016Street2.30:24:40Jogging with Victor, East Campus loop from his apt.
5/11/2016Treadmill1.350:11:15Short run after weigh lifting.
5/12/2016Street4.70:45:50Regular East Campus loop, no stop. I went slower than usual just to be careful about the foot. It seems to be okay, I think next week I'll be ready to run at normal pace.
5/14/2016Trail7.11:25:05First time on the American Tobacco Trail. This is on the well-maintained part of the trail. I ran the first 3.2 mile at a slower pace with Mai. The last mile was pretty brutal. Legs definitely need a day off.
5/18/2016Street3.580:38:00Jogging with Victor, East Campus loop from his apt.
5/20/2016Street3.30:29:50Short East Campus loop since it started to rain. I should have just pushed through the rain since it ended up only rained for about 10 mins despite the ominous grey clouds.
5/22/2016Street5.10:48:02East Campus loop. I finished 5 miles in 47:02, this is probably my best 5 miles time on the street.
5/24/2016Street4.30:42:17East Campus loop with Victor. First 3.2 mile in 34:30.
5/25/2016Street1.710:16:32From Thao's house to East Campus.
5/30/2016Street5.050:47:09East Campus loop. 5 miles in 46:32. Pretty happy considering I took a 5 day break from running.
6/1/2016Street2.050:19:30East Campus route, to the flashing lights and back. I ate too close to running so my stummy was hurting pretty badly.
6/4/2016Street50:47:54Running of the Bulls 8K race. Was almost a minute slower than my training time mainly due to the heat and humidity. I move up the ranks from last year, so I'm still pretty happy.
6/7/2016Trail6.951:09:00American Tobacco Trail, starting at mile marker 8.0. First 1.5 mile was with Mai, and it took 17 mins. I stopped at 5.2 mile, but after a few minutes walking some stupid bees kept chasing after us, so we ended up running back to the car.
6/9/2016Street4.50:43:45East Campus loop, cut short. Felt pretty tired.
6/13/2016Street5.050:49:18East Campus loop. Legs were still sore from previous day's weight room workout. No stop.
6/15/2016Street1.750:17:10On the way to East Campus. I was slow even in the first mile, and decide to cut it short and turn back at the 1-mile mark when I had to struggle to breathe. Humidity level was 88%.
6/18/2016Trail6.21:03:10American Tobacco Trail. First 3.1 mile was with Mai, 33:30.
6/20/2016Street4.50:45:45East Campus loop. Felt pretty tired after just 1.5 miles or so.
6/21/2016Trail3.350:32:51American Tobacco Trail. First 1.5 mile was with Mai & Huong. I was walking back with them after 2 miles, but then some horseflies appeared out of nowhere and I ended up running another 1.35 mile. I think I'll need to buy some repellent bracelet :(.
6/25/2016Trail8.021:20:22American Tobacco Trail. Two stops at 4.0 miles (1 min) and 5.5 miles (40 sec). Forgot to bring my energy gel. The prescription shades worked great.
7/4/2016Street4.50:45:02East campus loop. Brutal after a week off from running. I had to take 2 or 3 stops.
7/6/2016Trail4.310:45:26American Tobacco Trail with Mai & Huong.
7/9/2016Trail91:29:17American Tobacco Trail. Stop at 4.25, 6.5, and 8 mile, ~ 30-45 second each.
07/13/2016Street4.50:44:05East Campus loop. Brutal.
07/17/2016Trail5.11:03:30White trail, Blue Hill Reservation with Hao. Probably the toughest trail I've ever run on. Much harder than the Al Buehler trail with lots of rocks and uphills. Time includes two stops.
07/19/2016Street4.910:46:39East Campus loop.
07/22/2016Street3.10:28:10Short East Campus loop. 1 min fast, rest for 3 mins, repeat 3x. The rest I ran at slightly slower than normal pace since the legs were dead tired.
07/27/2016Street10:08:30Duke Wilson.
07/29/2016Street4.750:45:11East Campus loop.
08/01/2016Street4.150:39:56Lakefront Trail in Chicago. Beautiful view! Slightly crowded though.
08/03/2016Street50:47:15East Campus loop.
08/09/2016Street5.010:46:50East Campus loop. Lower temperature but high humidity.
08/12/2016Street3.20:29:45To East Campus and back.
08/15/2016Street5.130:49:40East Campus loop.
08/18/2016Street1.310:12:00To the stop light to EC and back.
08/19/2016Street5.010:47:18East Campus loop.
08/22/2016Street5.040:49:41East Campus loop.
08/30/2016Street5.010:49:29East Campus loop
09/02/2016Street3.720:35:30Short East Campus loop.
09/05/2016Street3.950:36:00Short East Campus loop.
09/07/2016Street3.10:30:20Short East Campus loop. Very hot and my legs are sore from squats the previous day.
09/10/2016Street50:46:30East Campus Loop. Not including 2 short stops when Endomondo crashed.
09/13/2016Street4.980:48:00East Campus Loop. Pretty hot.
09/15/2016Street3.610:31:57Short East Campus loop.
09/17/2016Trail11.011:49:23American Tobacco Trail. Stopped for 10 seconds once to snap a photo.
09/22/2016Street3.410:35:00East Campus loop with Victor.
09/27/2016Street50:46:37East Campus loop. I count this as my best time since this one has no stops, and the one on 09/10 has two short stops.
09/29/2016Street3.120:29:10East Campus with Victor.
10/04/2016Street5.050:46:59East Campus loop. 5 mile in 46:24 - best time for a 5 miler.
10/09/2016Street50:47:41East Campus loop, the day after Hurricane Matthew passed.
10/11/2016Street4.50:42:22East Campus loop.
10/16/2016Trail13.112:16:39American Tobacco Trail. Didn't do the race, so I did my own half lol. Definitely will be at least 8-10 mins slower if I were to do the race though, due to the hilly course.
10/20/2016Street2.20:20:45Towards EC and back.
10/24/2016Street3.250:30:15Towards EC and back.
10/26/2016Street3.130:28:44Towards EC and back.
10/30/2016Street3.560:33:00Towards EC and back.
11/01/2016Street3.50:31:44Towards EC and back.
11/03/2016Street3.110:29:14Towards EC and back.
11/06/2016Street3.260:29:30Towards EC and back.
11/08/2016Street3.110:28:30Towards EC and back.
11/12/2016Street3.010:28:54Towards EC and back.
11/15/2016Street3.050:28:51Towards EC and back. Super sore after the squat workout two days ago.
11/17/2016Street3.020:27:33Towards EC and back.
11/21/2016Street2.080:20:37Towards EC and back.
11/30/2016Street3.050:29:18Towards EC and back.
12/02/2016Street4.660:45:50East Campus loop
12/07/2016Street4.650:44:30East Campus loop
12/09/2016Street30:29:00Towards EC and back.
12/12/2016Street1.050:09:30Barely started by run towards EC when I got hit by a car. This probably means I have to stop running for a couple weeks.
1/1/2017Street2.50:24:00Towards EC and back. I'm slightly paranoid every time I cross the street now.
01/05/2017Street2.830:28:00Towards EC and back.
01/11/2017Street3.90:38:00Towards EC and back. Snow hasn't completely melted yet.
01/13/2017Street1.810:17:17Towards EC and back.
01/17/2017Street3.560:24:29Towards EC and back.
01/19/2017Street4.770:46:51Towards EC and back.
01/25/2017Street2.310:22:15Towards EC and back.
02/08/2017Street2.020:19:06Towards EC and back. Long hiatus from the CA trip.
02/11/2017Street3.120:30:05Towards EC and back.
02/13/2017Street30:29:12Towards EC and back.
02/15/2017Street3.050:29:37Towards EC and back.
02/20/2017Street30:29:12Towards EC and back. 1 mile in when my phone had the BSOD.
02/23/2017Street3.220:30:00Towards EC and back.
02/27/2017Street4.010:39:48East Campus loop.
03/02/2017Street30:29:02Towards EC and back.
03/07/2017Street4.050:39:51East Campus loop.
03/09/2017Street3.030:28:49Towards EC and back.
03/14/2017Treadmill3.30:30:00Wilson Gym.
03/17/2017Treadmill2.50:23:00Wilson Gym.
03/20/2017Street3.180:31:00Towards EC and back.
03/22/2017Street4.50:44:22East Campus loop.
03/24/2017Street3.210:30:43Towards EC and back.
03/27/2017Street4.560:43:56East Campus loop.
03/28/2017Street3.010:29:20Towards EC and back.
03/31/2017Street4.40:42:17East Campus loop.
04/04/2017Street3.260:32:25Towards EC and back.
04/10/2017Street4.810:46:44East Campus loop.
04/12/2017Street3.150:30:12Towards EC and back.
04/16/2017Street6.371:07:40Towards EC and ~3 loops around EC. First 3.7 miles at around 34 mins, then the rest with Mai.
04/18/2017Street3.250:31:23Towards EC and back.
04/22/2017Street3.110:29:47Towards EC and back.
04/25/2017Street4.410:44:38East Campus loop.
05/02/2017Street4.50:43:00East Campus loop.
05/07/2017Street5.010:46:11East Campus loop. New PR for 5 miles at around 46:08. Last one was 47:12 :).
05/08/2017Street5.010:53:25Easy run on East Campus loop. Ran the first mile by myself and the rest with Victor.
05/10/2017Street3.160:30:34Slow run towards East Campus and back.
05/14/2017Street6.851:15:14Towards EC and then a bit over 3 EC loops. First 3.5 miles by myself in 33:12, then the rest with Mai. Longest run of the year so far, I think.
05/16/2017Street5.320:54:30East Campus loop.
05/22/2017Street50:47:07East Campus loop.
05/26/2017Trail4.50:39:35Group running on the ATT with Bull City Running.
05/29/2017Street3.10:27:31Towards EC and back.
05/30/2017Street4.810:43:57East Campus loop.
06/03/2017Street5.020:43:20Running of the Bulls 8K race. Set a new PR by almost 3 minutes, and I was 4.5 minutes faster than last year's race. Running condition was as ideal as it could get in June :).
06/06/2017Street3.510:33:06East campus loop.
06/10/2017Trail7.021:10:07American Tobacco Trail.
06/13/2017Street3.50:34:00East Campus loop. Garmin died mid-way, distance and time estimated.
06/16/2017Street4.20:43:53East Campus loop with Victor.
06/17/2017Trail4.30:42:04American Tobacco Trail. Some sprinkling rain & pretty humid.
06/20/2017Street4.750:44:52East Campus loop.
06/22/2017Street4.750:49:18East Campus loop. First and last mile by myself, the rest with Victor.

Total distance by type, 2016:

Total distance (mi.)
Trail 201674.15
Street 2016281.2
Treadmill 2016176.5
Overall 2016531.85

Total distance by type, 2017:

Total distance (mi.)
Trail 15.82
Street 172.89
Treadmill 5.8
Overall 2017194.51






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