Cherry blossoms

Posted on 28 March, 2016 in Emo, Happy Moments, Jabbers

It’s another year that I haven’t got to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, due to absent-mindedness, messy schedules and what-not. So my friend Mai and I decided to go to Fearrington Village for the pretty cherry blossoms. Wasn’t too shabby, eh? It was kind of relaxing to just walk around, adore all kind of flowers blooming there, and have some girly chit-chatting over wine and gelato – chardonnay for me and strawberry gelato for Mai. It reminded me of when I was on the Suzuki Yamaha Maxim not too long ago for a motorcycle ride. There was one part of the ride when the sky ahead of us was of a deep blue shade, and as the wind was blowing at me it felt as if we were soon to enter a secret time-warping door. I wish it were truly a time-warping door, or even better, the What-if phone booth of Doraemon. That moment was almost magical.

In other news, I’ve been doing pretty decent with my running 500 miles resolution this year. I’ve run a bit over 150 miles this year, and I’ve done quite some intervals at 8mph on the treadmill. I’ve been trying to beat my previous year’s monthly distance total, and I’ve succeeded so far. I’m still 6 miles behind for March, but I’m confident I can catch up with four days left. May is going to be a tough one though – last year somehow I ran 68 miles in May. I think it was the month when I got crazy running four times a week, 3-5 miles each time with my officemate Victor. My running log can be here, or on the top right of this page, if you’re interested :).

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  1. Joshy says:

    Great photo 🙂

    Yamaha Maxim.

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