“Oh, the places you’ll go”

Posted on 24 October, 2015 in Uncategorized

In September, the Biker wrote a blog post, tallying up the places he’s lived ever since. I thought it would be interesting to do a similar one for myself, and here it is:

Ben Chuong Duong, Quan 1, SaigonJanuary 20th, 1988May 1999Birth- end of elementary school
Le Lai, Quan Tan Binh, SaigonMay 1999 January 11th, 2005More growing up time... until I went study abroad
Vacaville, CAJanuary 11th, 2005October, 2005Living with the Heydenberks
Napa, CA October 2005November 2005Living with the Oberting temporarily.
Sonoma, CANovember 2005June 2006Living with Joan.
Davis, CAJune 2006August 2008Community college years (and two years of commuting two hours one way every day...)
South Hadley, MAAugust 2008December 2010Finishing college
Pomona, CADecember 2010August 2011Staying with my sisters
Amherst, MAAugust 2011May 2013Graduate school
Durham, NCAugust 2013October 2015More graduate school
Carlisle, PA3 sessions of CTY in 2012 and 2013, roughly 70 days.

Obviously I spent the most time at the place where I grew up. Until now, that house is still a place I hold very dear in my heart, with lots and lots of memories even though I was just a child back then. I can’t recall every single details of those memories, but their impression on me is very strong. My parents have long rented out the entire house to someone else, but I still try to swing by that house whenever I’m back in Vietnam to visit :).

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