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300 miles a year: checked.

Posted on 13 November, 2014 in Happy Moments


I ran the last 3.75 miles today to hit my goal of running 300 miles a year! I’m quite happy about this. At the beginning of the year, I set out a mere 100 miles for the whole year. I reached that mark sometimes in April/ May, so I upped the goal to 250 miles, and finally to 300 miles. It feels kind of great!

I’m considering doing a squat challenge next year, the way the Biker did his push-up challenge last year. But the thought of doing 365 squats is just… daunting. Hmmmm.

Old things, new things.

Posted on 31 May, 2013 in Happy Moments, Links


So I’ve graduated for more than two weeks, and only have a few more weeks to chill before starting my summer job in Carlisle, PA, and soon after, starting my graduate program in Durham, NC. Time really flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when I booked my flight to New England to start my studying at MHC, yet it has been five years already. Several of my friends have been working for a few years with a stable position. Some have got married and have kids. We’ve said hellos and goodbyes too many times that they become casual, because we know that’s the way things are, that we have our own lives to follow, our own paths to walk. But if we matter to one another, we’ll always find ways to keep in touch.

We understand that people change and things change. Not necessarily for the better or worse, but just different. If the relationship matters, we’ll learn to embrace these changes, and maybe discover something new about ourselves, too. We realize that everyone has problems of their own to worry about (first world problem or not). The poor complain about being poor, the rich about being misunderstood, the working ones – about that horrible boss, the ones in school about the crazy loads of assignments and about the seemingly hopeless research projects. Those who are in a relationship whine about their significant other’s idiosyncrasies, those who arent whine about why it takes them too long to meet the right person. There will always be imperfect things and problematic people in our lives. We know that there will be shits to deal with, and we’ll work it out somehow, one way or another. But it still feels nice to whine with a few people you trust who will not mistake you for that pathetic queen of all whiners, who understands that you just need some company and maybe a few pats on the back. So that when you step out of that whining bubble of a break, you can take a deep breath and go back to deal with whatever craps you’re facing.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to give up on something. And then I remind myself that somewhere out there, there’s a biker who’s been determined to do a cross-country bicycle trip from Santa Monica, CA to Revere Beach, Boston. He started out with lots of problems about the gear and the trip planning; and obviously people didnt believe that he could make it. But now he’s made it to Illinois, to the last time zone, and his spirit is still going strong like a hard-headed physics student. And then I frown at myself for wanting to give up: if this bicyclist can keep on pedaling, I will keep on trying. If you’re interested in reading more about this journey, check out Josh’s Bicycle Trip.

And so, keep on living your life, don’t be afraid of changing (unless its really for the worse wtf), learn to love one another, cheers for a very hot day in Boston, and please excuse any typos – I’m using my phone to type this post up.

Mid-year resolution

Posted on 17 September, 2012 in Happy Moments, Jabbers, Thoughts

Quick post to note down a few things, esp to put a mark for the starting of my resolution:

1. I’ll go vegetarian for three weeks. So, from 09/17 to the end of 10/07. I’ll have dairy products & eggs, but no meat, poultry, or any kind of seafood. I won’t be so anal as to scrutinize the ingredient lists of every single bottled product I buy, but of course I’ll avoid the obvious non-vegetarian ones.

2. I’ll give up bubble tea for two months. This is just to prove to myself that I still have some discipline and self-control… lol. I used studying for qual exams as an excuse, but now this needs to stop :-|. So, I won’t have bubble tea for two months.

3. Talking about that…. YES I PASSED MY TWO QUAL EXAMS! 🙂

4. Why are tickets to ANYWHERE during Thanksgiving break so expensive? Airplane companies sure know how to rip off people :|. Now the lowest price I could get for 3.5 hours flying is still around $440… ugh!!!!!

Facebook and the not-so-awesome things.

Posted on 15 May, 2012 in Happy Moments, Jabbers

Guaranteed happiness 🙂

Finally got time to actually blog a bit- last time I wrote a blog post was more than a month ago, I think. The past month has been too crazy with too little sleep and too much caffeine  :-).

My parents are here in the U.S. – They’re in California with my sisters though, will see them real soon. The other day my sisters took them to Griffith Observatory and oh dear, my dad just loves, loves, loves the place so much, especially the show Centered in the Universe. I knew he would like it! Afterall, he’s the slightly geeky engineer/ mechanics who has a curious mind for many, many things in life, who brought science books for my sisters and me when we were little kids  (“Ông ơi vì sao lại thế”, with Tò Mò &  Ngây Thơ), who still excelled in Physics to tutor a confused me in 10th grade, who is good at fixing things around the house, and who loves reading medicine books. Even though he has never gone to medical school, he has always been “the doctor” in our family – well, until now at least – my sister will become “the real doctor” in a week :-). I wish they have the show on DVD – I so will buy it for him, but I guess the effect won’t be the same as watching it on that dome-shaped screen, leaning back on the comfortable chair, while the narrator raises his/her hand with the lighting globe, bringing you back in time to see magic happen. Free admission (except for $5 for the show), lots of things to learn & play… how can you not fall in love with this place?

Anyway, I meant to write this post a while back, but never got the time to. So, here it goes.


1. Want 2000+ friends request? How about no?

You probably already have an idea what I’m talking about. Usually a person would post some humorous pic that is easy to related to/ agreed with by many people ( say, an owl-looking cat with glasses on, uncombed hair, and a caption”Me during finals” – you’ve got the idea), and then either in the caption, or comment, will put something similar to this:

Want 2000+ FB friend request? Like this pic/ this comment, subscribe to ABC XYZ, and watch your friend requests blow up!!!

Well, why would I want friend requests from 2000 strangers who will have all the access to whatever information I put on facebook for my friends who actually know me? What superficial silliness is this who would believe having loads of friends on fb = coolness?

But then, it ain’t really my business, right? I mean, I can choose not to look at those annoying comments. Which brings me to the second annoying thing:

2. Disturbing images with captions such as “Like/ Share if you care” or”Like/Share to stop child abuse/ animal abuse/ hunger/ poverty”. 

Now, tell me, how will liking a suffering person actually help that person? What happens is you’ll help spreading that image around, yes, to your network/ friends, not many of whom will enjoy seeing a kid all bone and skin and malnourish, or even worse, a kitten with half his head smashed, or a horrible gruesome bloody car accident scene. If I want to help those people? I’ll give up some coffee/ eating out nights and send a check to some trustworthy organization. Everytime you plan to click “like” on those images, imagine your grandpa seeing that pic while having lunch. I’ve been either clicking “Hide” or “Report story” for every single post of this type.

3.Hot pics with nice stories as captions.

This might be rarer, and I’ve seen mostly in Vietnamese posts. Someone will post short stories, most often love stories. They’re regular short stories, nothing special about them. I’ve liked some of them, feel indifferent to some, and disliked some – I mean, it’s personal preference. Thing is, these stories are posted in the caption part of a photo. And 99.5% of the time, the photo will be some sexy smoking hot one, maybe not rated-R ones, but theres the half-naked guy embracing a girl scantily clothed in some intimate session… well you’ve got my point. Now, why the need to put such a pic for such stories? Someone likes the story and clicks “Like”, that person will spread around that pic, which isn’t considered appropriate for some people, including me. I dont have the wish to see intimate pics spreading around on my facebook. Or maybe the pic was posted just to draw attention, so that those who sees it will click on the photo and read the story? What cheap tactics.